Brownfields Program - Geographic Information Systems

To best document our sites along with the cultural, traditional, and historical uses of our lands we have initiated a GIS Program.  In October 2008, we held a 4-day Introduction to to GIS Training in Tununak, Alaska. The Consortium Brownfield and individual Village Environmental Staff attended.  The training was the first of its kind, taught in Yup'ik, our primary language.  Mr. Andrew Boyscout of Chevak, Alaska was the instructor.  Staff are now applying what they learned by mapping the inventoried sites.  Wealso held an Intermediate Training inFall 2009 to continue our program capacity building.

GIS Training Videos (in Yup'ik)
Training Video 1 2009
Training Video 2 2009
Training Video 3 2009
Training Video 4 2009
Training Video 5 2009
Training Video 6 2009
Training Video 7 2009
Training Video 1 2008
Training Video 2 2008
Training Video 3 2008
Training Video 4 2008

See photos of our 2009 GIS training below.

See photos of our 2008 GIS training below.