Brownfields Program - Site Inventory (Updated in 2014)

The following sites have been inventoried and formally designated as Nelson Island Consortium Brownfield sites.  Click on the links below for site descriptions. Note they are listed by community.  Community members - to report a potential Brownfield site that is not listed, click on the Forms link to the left.


Nightmute Dump Site

Nightmute HS Tank Farm

Nightmute Old Power Plant Tank Farm

Nightmute Tank Farm

Nightmute Post Office



Laundry Mat drum oil seep in puddle of water

TRC Store Gasoline Tank Farm

Tununrmuit Rinit Corporation (TRC) Store Diesel Tank Farm

Tununak Traditional Council (TTC) Tank Farm

Old Dumpsite on Tiny Island

TTC Tractor Oil Leak/PHS Lot

Paul T. Albert Memorial HS (LKSD Tank Farm-on-hill)

Old Tank Farm



Newtok B.I.A. School

BIA Tank Farm

Old BIA Waterwell


Toksook Bay

ATS Plane Crash on 11/1/08

Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) housing area next to old airport airstrip.


New Dump Site

New Tank Farms owned by NYC, AVEC, City, and LKSD

Nunakauiak Yupik Corporation (NYC), Old Tank Farm

Old Tank Farms

Old Dumpsite beside lagoon (waste site)


Old Apron Toksook Airstrip

Toksook Bay Washeteria

Washeteria 2

TB Dumpsite

Qemqeng River



Armory Buildings


KLP Generators 6 tanks

KTC Lodge and Garage (Old BIA Site-demolished)

KTC Old Tank Site (Used to be Kipnuk Light Plant)

Kuguklik Ltd Tank Farms

Public Tank Dump Site-abandoned

Kashatok Bros. Store Tank site

School Tank Farms-LKSD

Site Name: School Tank Farms-LKSD


Old BIA site

New Airport site


QAP campsite

Tern mountain


Chinuruk Inc."s Old Tank Farm, Gas Station