Water Quality Program

In Fall 2006, we began a locally-based and traditionally-led Water Quality Monitoring Program for the Nelson Island Area. Sites were selected and prioritized by the full Consortium at a September 17-19, 2007 meeting.  Elders from each village led the discussions.   A 5-day water quality training and water quality monitoring course was held in Nightmute June 23 -27, 2008 to train people in our Villages. The training was titled “Introduction to Water Quality Assessment using YSI 556 and Hach 2100P Turbidimeter: Calibration and Field Data Collection”. Photos from the Consortium site selection meeting, the Water Quality Training, and subsequent site monitoring are shown below. This project was funded through an USEPA Multimedia grant and our final report can be seen here. A copy of our QAPP can be viewed here. Site monitoring will continue in Summer 2009.  The contact for this program is Dustin Slats (907) 647 6145.